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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Parents Didn't Buy Me Yet!

The other night while I was looking at my old albums, I saw many pictures of my husband and I when we were still newly wed. Pictures from our old apartment and from our new home bring back memories. I couldn't help but smile and sometimes cry. Anyway, I didn't know that my son, Jacob was behind me watching the slideshow also. It made me laugh when he asked me why wasn't he included on those pictures. I have to explain to him that he wasn't born yet. But he kept asking questions like why? Then finally, when he got tired of hearing my answer, he said: "oh, was it because you and Daddy didn't buy me, yet, Mommy"? Hahahaha...what a question! My some is barely 5 year old and I don't have any idea how will I explain with him how he got here. I did the best I could like saying that he was still in heaven with God then to God sending him to us. How about you guys? Care to share you two cents worth here. Time will come that I will need to explain to him this topic in a manner that is simple yet easy to understand.


  1. hahahaha hala ka curious sa imung jake ces, bright jud na bataa hehehehe. wala pa siya napalit, hehehehhe baligya d ay iya pagtuo sa mga bata lol, murag lisud jud na i explain, ingna nga nalangan ang stork pagdeliver sa iya kay naglaag laag waaaa. I remembered my co teacher's 3 years old son, he had the same concept about baby, kay ganahan mn siya ug younger brother or sister, sge siya pangulit iya mama to buy a baby hehehehe.
    Ohhh kids, makapawala sa problema.

  2. hahahhaaa!!kakatuwa naman ang son mo,Ate Ces!!Ganun din si Wakaba ko eh,

  3. hahaha
    katuwa binata mo ateces..
    sana di din ako tanungin ng twins ko if panu sila napunta samin hehehe