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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Six - Episode 270

1. What is the dominant color in your bathroom? Have you coordinated rugs, towels and the shower curtain to match this color?
Blue, yes, they are coordinated, except when I change the towels.
2. What part of the bathroom needs the most attention from a cleaning crew?
The bath tub.
3. How many rolls of unused toilet paper are waiting in the closet?
Ten, I just bought a new 12 pack.
4. Check out the linen closet: which do you have fewest of: bath towels, hand towels or wash cloths? The hand towels.
5. Take the quiz: What Bathroom Product Are You?

You Are Toothpaste

You are very responsible. You live an orderly, organized life.

You prefer to be as clean and neat as possible. You are a bit of a clean freak.

You are attractive, charming, and even sparkling. People find you appealing.

You are honest, direct, and even a bit sharp tongued. You don't try to complicate life.

6. Of the products in your medicine cabinet, which brand have you used the longest? The lotion I always used from Bath and Body Work.


  1. yup, this really describes you ces, ambot oi usahay tapulan ko limpyo labi dri nga apartment nga trashy kaayo ug hitsura, bag o ra ko limpyo, hugaw gihapon ang tan aw hehehehe. Thanks sa commnets and message oi, kung magkita ta i treat tika ana minoes pizza, lami ila pizza ky fresh cook gyud gikan anang lutuanan jd sa pizza nga mura abuhan hehehe

  2. I don't know what's worse...the fact that there is a grammar error in that quiz result, or the fact that I know there is a grammar error in that quiz result.

  3. Jamie, thanks for the visit and message :-); yup i noticed that, too, i just keep forgetting to fix it!

  4. ganyan ka kaorganize tita ces...ok din ang mga tag na ganito ano, nakikita kase dito kung ano tayo sa bahay or yung personality mo