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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Explorers Travel to U.S.

Little explorer called Hummingbird became my favorite bird when I came to united States. They are considered tropical birds whose migration is part of their lifecycle. During summer, they wake me up early in the morning when they start singing. Oh, how I love these little creatures. I really enjoy the labor they made in my backyard giving me flowers and stuffs. Anyway, if you love these birds, and wanted to learn more about them and their migration process, you should visit Aside from articles about them, this website also offers hummingbird feeder, wild birds feeders, oriole feeders, feeder accessories, replacement parts, hot buys and more. My mother in-law has a nice garden in her backyard; I am pretty sure she would love it when I give her a bird's feeders not only to add a touch on the yard, but to attract birds. These birds feeders are great gifts for people who love to garden, outdoors, and birds like hummingbirds, and cardinals. And if you own a hummingbird and want to know how to care for them, their website has a bird library as well as articles on bird watching and bird feeding 101 which is pretty cool! Go and check the link provided here for more info.

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