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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It Helps to Buy Owner Financed Homes

For the past six months, we were on the look for a house we can call our own and also our home. I tell you, it wasn't easy to search for a dream home in spite of the helped we got from the Realtor whom we hose to work with us. Every time we pick a house on the lists he gave us, we always disappointed. It's either the house needs extensive repair or renovation, it is way above our budget or much more expensive than it was appraised. Two sellers even offered an Owner Financed Homes which was good, but after five viewings, we decided to pursue our next plan which is to have our dream house be build instead. When we talked with the two home builders, we picked the one that meets our need.

During the process, the person in charge with paper works and stuffs, explained many things to us including FHA Information, loan application, financing, price of the house, updates, property tax and more. Man, it was really hard to absorb all those things in one seating, thank goodness he gave us folders full of important documents we can refer to if ever questions arise regarding everything that pertains to house building and stuffs like that. We are now done with all the paper works...and are now waiting for the builder to contact us s o we can schedule a time to meet and talk about building a foundation for the house. Yesterday, we went to the site and found out that they already started leveling the ground. Hubby and I were very happy and excited. We couldn't wait to see the house and eventually move in there this summer.

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