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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GT: The Last Time I Pig - Out!

Every time I get the chance of eating the foods I crave particularly Filipino foods, I tell you I pig out on it to the point that I forget that eating too much rice is not good for me especially if it is the white one. Anyway, the last time I pig out was last weekend when we went to Mesquite Rodeo. Juliet and I went to Pinoy restaurant and bought dinuguan, fried tilapia, bbq, fried tilapia and ginisang kalabasa.

Filipino BarbecueFried Tilapia

Black Stew...and
Sauteed Squash with Okra
Girls Talk

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  1. huhh! cecille!!! next time you eat those food again just call me and I'll be there(hehehe, feeling magkapitbahay lang tayo)

  2. wow! these foods are really delicious. yummy!

  3. Hi Cecille, yes Spaghetti with meatballs yan. I am learning a lot of dish by my mother-in-law. Iba-ibang mga food from her country and also here. Grabe ang sasarap. Anyway, salamat sa pagbisita and syangapala, ang sasarap ng mga Fiipino food.

  4. I think I need to eat more hehehe sarap naman ng mga pictures

  5. omg! these are all my favorite:)

  6. oh my gulay, di ako magsasawa kahit lagi ko natitikman yan.. yumyummmm

  7. Cecille, kalami ani oi ... ang last picture mao ni akong sud-an karong gabii... heheheh..

    GT: I’ve Always been …

  8. weeeeeh talap talap ng pinanggigilan mong kainin ces hihihih!!!


    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  9. wow! bbq, I really love our bbq style sa pinas lalo na...miss na miss ko na talaga. I went to pinoy restaurant here but it is so different...

  10. i love tilapia and dinuguan! yummy! ginutom naman ako bigla. parang yan ang gusto kong i-merienda this afternoon.

  11. Ang sasarap tlaga ng mga kinain nyo, yummmm! kahit ako mapapadami rin ang aking kain, eh ano ba kung mag mukhang baboy, hehehe!

  12. Naku Momi grabe nkakagutom to ha... fave ko tilapia.. kahapon lang to ulam ko, tapos kanina tinapa.. naku baka bukas mamalengke na ako.. tilapia nanaman... then sawsawan is toyo mansi.. naku bbq din!! waaaahhhh... gabi na pero eto nangangalam tyan ko...