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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grills

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dimplex North America Limited. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is summertime once again and that means going on vacation for most family with kids, camping, and all sort of stuffs. Camping is very popular even though the weather is warm. Whether it is cool or warm, many people love to eat grilled foods. My family for one loves grilled meats, seafood and poultry because it is healthy to eat that way. As you grill meat, the fats melts and drips out of the meat and it is not greasy anymore. However, grilling is not possible for some people including us who live in an apartment or condo for the safety purposes. Others have safety concerns about the gas tanks, lighting and flare-ups. But I have a good news for you; those problems are not an issue anymore because of the new invented grill called the “PowerChef grills. PowerChef grills solve those problems and also it provides the added health benefits of grilled food. Fat drips away from the food as it cooks for quick, easy and healthy meals without kitchen clean-up. Isn't it amazing or what!?


I am glad for powerchef, now I can grill our food without using gas or charcoal. My fearof flames, tanks, lighting is gone. No more burned BBQ for my because of the heat that is not easy to balance by using gas or charcoal grill. And most of all, powerchef grill is easy to use and easy to clean as well. No more messy cleaning of the grill. Dimplex has plenty of grills to choose from, but my favorite is their PowerChef PBQ. Since we will be moving to our new house soon, we would be needing grill and I will definitely consider buying a Powerchef grill for myself. The table top grill easily converts for a freestanding or wall-mounted application with the addition of the optional accessories. It is very versatile that you can bring it anywhere you go. Check the link provided here to learn more about Dimplex PowerChef Electric Grills.

You will love these PowerChef grills because it has a unique dual element cooking system that delivers performance never before seen in an electric grill. You get the perfect 'steak house' sear marks that you expect from grilled food, which also locks in the flavor and juices for delicious results. One more secret of PowerChef's performance is the unique digital control. It comes pre-programmed for a wide variety grilled foods. With a few quick steps PowerChef automatically cooks what you want, exactly how you want it cooked, and chimes when its time to flip and time to serve. PowerChef eliminates the guesswork from grilling, making it easy for anyone to cook like a pro!

Aren't you interested yet, if so, then you should check this video out by going to this link:

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