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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Etiquette on Parties and Gifts

Proper use of etiquette in everyday life and special occasions seemed like more of a social must than a matter of personal choice. But times have changed. However, just as chivalry isn’t dead, proper etiquette isn’t either. If you’re already employing these etiquette tips in your life, congratulations – Miss Manners would be proud. if you’re slacking on your socially savvy abilities, a little refresher course never hurt anyone.

1. Always RSVP to a party in a timely fashion, even if you won’t be attending.
Holding off on a response makes the host feel like you’re waiting for a better offer to come along.
2. Don’t ask the host of a party for a tour of their house unless it’s a housewarming. Let them offer one if they want to.
3. If a wedding invitation specifies you and a guest, don’t call to ask if you can bring your children, too.
4. You can bring a gift for the hostess, but just make sure that it isn’t something that would preoccupy them before or during the party.
If an invitation says no gifts, don’t bring them, or else you might embarrass other gift-less guests.
5. If you've been invited to a wedding but can’t go, you should still send a wedding gift.
6. Don’t ask for cash gifts as wedding gifts. Rely on word of mouth instead.
7. Thank you notes are a must after receiving a gift. Make sure the thank you note gets to the person within two weeks of receiving the gift.
However, an exception might be wedding gifts, since you might be busy honeymooning.

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