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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleanliness and Safety in Restaurants

Last night, we decided to eat in one of the Indian restaurant in town. This restaurant is not really close to where we live, but we thought that the foods taste good and the prices were fair until we experienced stomach ache and diarrhea half an hour after eating. At first, I thought I was just bloated because of not passing gas, but I was wrong. When we got home, complained the same thing! We figured out after recalling what we have eaten the whole day that it was from the Indian foods we ate. We both had hard time sleeping, both awake most of the night going back and forth in the bathrooms. The result, both of us were weak the whole day and afraid to eat something that might worsen our conditions. Thankfully, after lunch today, we were feeling much better and were able to put something in our mouth to satisfy our hunger.

We should has seen it coming had we pay attention with the appearance of the people who work there and the messy floor of the restaurant. The foods tasted good and the price was right is what matters most to us that time, anyway, we've eaten there twice already and nothing bad happened to us until last night. We decided that we will never eat there again ever! I think this restaurant didn't compel to the safety and sanitation requirements to such establishment. I am not praying that this restaurant be closed, but practice sanitation, and safety laws, that way, the incident that happened to us will not be repeated.

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