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Monday, April 19, 2010

Expenses from Buying New Home!?

After hubby and I picked Jacob up at school this afternoon, we all went to Costco to buy ceiling fans for our new house. We are not moving yet, but we want to take advantage of the $30 off for their ceiling fans. We purchased two, one for the living room and the other one for the master bedroom. The other two bedrooms will just get a cheaper ceiling fan at Lowe's. Before moving in, we plan on painting the inside of the house first with the color we want, that way it will be easier to do it than when the rest of our stuffs are in there already.
Talking about buying stuffs for our house, we still need to buy washer and dryer, and also refrigerator for they are not included in the house. Oh boy, I didn't know that buying new custom built house is that expensive and the purchases of other things needed can be overwhelming!


  1. Lots of stuff to buy and also lots of planning required when moving to a new house....LOL!