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Thursday, December 2, 2010

John Wayne Still One Of The Best After All These Years

The Author of this post is Rory Reilly

Through the years one actor continues to be a star in my eyes and that is John Wayne. He was born Marion Robert Morrison in 1907 and he has a long list of accomplishments to his credit as an actor. He played the lead in 142 of his film performances with numerous awards given. One of my favorite films from John Wayne was True Grit which he won a Best Actor Oscar in 1969. He made so many good films picking just a few out would be tough from this great man. The black and white films he made are some of my favorites as well.

There are many things that made John Wayne the actor stand out for me, but most of all he always did the right things in his films. My dad introduced me to him in a movie called She wore a Yellow Ribbon and I was hooked forever. When I find out a John Wayne movie is on I watch it on satellite television from It seems every weekend or during the week at least one John Wayne film is on. My kids are getting older and they have started to discover John Wayne. He was one guy that transcends time and continues to be very popular even today.

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