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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buy Designer Shoes Online

Every time I buy shoes for myself, my husband never fails to say this "My Imelda Marcos Wife". He thinks that I have many shoes already and yet, I still buy more. I tell you, my husband exaggerates a lot when it comes to my shoes. I only have two pair of shoes for each season which means I have eight plus two sneakers. And since he only have four pairs, he thinks having ten pair of shoes is too much! He should see my Aunt's collection of shoes! She has tons of designer shoes such as Burberry, LV, and Marc Jacobs to name a few. My shoes are not even expensive compared to my Aunt's shoes. Oh well, he can say whatever he wants, but I will never argue with him about my shoes anymore!

I learned from a friend that the best place to buy shoes is online. She particularly mentioned with me that Zappos carries all the name brand shoes I can think of, from Nike, Skechers, to Burberry. Next time I purchase shoes for my son, I will definitely go online for I can get great deal there too, just like when I shop at the mall or maybe even I'll get a greater savings. One more thing, I learned the hard way that brand name and designer shoes maybe expensive, but they are quality made, fashionable, and last longer that the cheap and inexpensive ones.

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