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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reminiscing the Past

When I was younger, there a girl named Myrtle in our class. And I thought that her name was very nice. That stayed in my memory.

No wonder that I kind of got interested in the word and I learned that myrtle is actually a plant. Researching further, I learned that there is a site called because there is actually a very nice and plush resort called Myrtle Beach. On our way to Florida one summer time to visit my cousin and her family there, my family and I were able to stopped by for few hours and looked around. We even waded on the beach. We actually fell in love in the place and decided to go there someday with my brother in - laws who lives in North Carolina. I couldn't wait for that day...and hopefully it will be soon.

Of course, I got hooked and I looked around some more. This place is a vacationer's heaven. There are many happening places and you can even play golf! It is easy to book a Myrtle Beach hotel in their site for a worry-free vacation. The Myrtle Beach best hotels are of course near the shore because it makes it easy for the guest to reach the beach. It is like when you wake up, you go directly to the beach and take a morning swim. Now, that is what I called life!

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