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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Mother's Thanksgiving Feast

The Author of this post is Janet Velazquez

My mother's house is the place to be during the Thanksgiving holidays. All of my brothers make their way to my mother's house because she is the best cook in the world. Every son says this, but all of our wives agree with us on this. The rest of the family also seems to share our opinion because everyone flocks to her house right along with us.

It's great when you have someone who likes to cook, and my mother loves to serve others. She has the best fried turkey, and all of the side items are just delicious. Macaroni and cheese never tasted better than it does when we are having Thanksgiving dinner. My oldest brother loves the apple pie that she serves for dessert, and I have to agree that it's is pretty good. It's even better when we break out the ice cream for it.

I always sit at the table until I am stuffed. I find myself obsessed with all the goodies that my mother prepared. The medley of mixed vegetables is a perfect compliment to her fried turkey. The cornbread that she makes tastes so good. I always have to take some of this home.

Everyone is lazy after we have dinner. Most of us sit around and watch Direct TV special deals after we are done. This is the perfect holiday.

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  1. woot woot GP i love Gp diba. kumusta ka na ces? Hope all is well.