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Saturday, December 18, 2010

FTF: My Food On Tray from the Hospital

I was admitted at the hospital on Wednesday for a kidney Biopsy and has been at the hospital since. I won't be going home till all my treatments are done which would hopefully happen by Sunday. I am just hoping that the treatments would help stop my body from rejecting my kidneys. Anyway, here is one of the hospital menus I ordered and I tell you it isn't bad at all. In fact it was good and healthy.

My share for this week on Food Trip Friday....

Many thanks to Willa for creating this meme for lovers :-).


  1. im with you ces, in fact i like the food in the hospital when i was there delivering....

    Ohh my prayer is with you ces, that must be really hard and im sure jacob misses you. Get well soon tsang. take care

  2. Gel well soon sis! I will certainly pray for you.:)
    Infairness, kahit nasa hospital ka,may entry ka pa rin.Walang sakit-sakit sa taong adik! (sa pagkain at sa pag blog) lol!

  3. I feel bad I did not know you were admitted in the hospital...hope all is well...pagaling kalang te....:)

    sarap naman nyan!

  4. dropping by and hoping you get well soon!