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Friday, November 19, 2010

FTF: Birthday Cakes

About a week ago, we attended friends birthday party. We had so much fun meeting new friends, and stuffing ourselves up with yummy foods, not to mention the Karaoke singing and the Manny Pacqiao's fight with Margarito. Here are the bdays celebrants and their yummy cakes. More photos here.

From left to right: Alda, Dolly, Merlita, Elena, Lily, and Fina (not in the photo).
My share for this week's.....


  1. oh my gosh...ang daming cake....bongga....:) dami palang pinoy jan te ano....:)

    musta na po? hope all is well...sensya na te madalang nalang ko blog hop sa ere...busy ang life eh...we are moving after thanksgiving....busy ko impake nasad.

    enjoy your weekend...miss yah!

  2. wow, daming cakes, i like your cake stand...bonggang birthday, sarap ng cakes! happy weekend po! :)

  3. wow so yummy foods you have here. nice for you to gather and watch the boxing fight of our pacquaio.

  4. wa d i ko ka comment diri waaa. sus i love the cake. ka bonga sa iya b-day no.