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Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing Foods at Jollibee

If there is one place I would like to eat as soon as we arrive in the Philippines next year for our vacation, that would be Jollibee. I would order Pancit Palabok and Fried Chicken for myself, Spaghetti for Jacob and Burgers for hubby. For dessert, I'd like to have their Sundae Ice Cream, yum. I know it would be (long six months ) a long wait before this would happen....but am already drooling just by looking at this photo I borrowed from a friend who have had their family vacation recently.

Sigh, if only I could turn the clock forward...oh well, all I can do for now is drool, lol!


  1. ayay! mag uli diay mo puhon te? pede mo kuyog? hhehehe.....:)

    agoy palabok lang ako...mas prefer ko sa Mcdonald nga chicken kay sa jolibee....:)

  2. i like chicken joy with gravvy too te ces.... jollibee maghintay kalang at dyan na ako hahahaa

  3. naku, gusto ko tuloy mag-food trip sa jollibee ngayon...

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