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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Precious Diamond Engagement Rings

When hubby asked my hand to marry him, he didn't have engagement ring available. The reason was he didn't plan to propose to me since it was the first time we met. Yes, we met through an LDS singles site and the only means of our communication that time were emails and phone calls since he lives in the other side of the world and so was I. I didn't expect for something like that, but when he popped up that magic question, I was speechless. I did say 'yes' yet. Being a persistent man he was, he asked me the same question the next day and that's when I gave him my sweet 'yes, I will marry you.' We were both elated. That same day, we went shopping for diamond engagement rings, unfortunately, we didn't find the one I like. If only they offered the engagement rings design your own I could have had my own ring before he for U.S.

One month later, I received a package all the way from United States containing a diamond eternity ring with a note saying that it was my engagement ring. I was very happy. I felt like I was the luckiest woman in the world that day. He started processing the papers for petition...and it didn't take long before his visa application was approved. Six months later we got married in the LDS temple in ABQ., NM. Now, I have two diamond eternity rings. Why two? He said the first one has small diamond in it and so he bought me another one that has bigger stones. Big or not, I love them both for it came from my sweet and thoughtful dear husband.

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