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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home Depot Savings

Four months ago, we moved in to our newly built house. Hubby and I were very excited that as soon as the closing is over, we started moving our stuffs up. We really didn't waste even a single minute. When we were at the showroom for upgrades, hubby and I decided that we would do the wood flooring ourselves as well as painting the interior for we know that we would be able to save money by doing it ourselves instead of hiring a professional to do things for us. Our house is very close to HD, and for sure we would get great Home Depot deals when we purchase wood flooring. We bought our new refrigerator, and washer and dryer there and paid only a little over $2,000! Isn't it a deal or what!?

Last month while at HD looking for an oak tree, we saw a DuPont Montreal Gunstock laminate wood floor. It was on sale for only $3.18 per sq. ft and was very pretty. Hubby and I fell in love with it. Now, we know which wodl floor we would choose when it's time to replace the carpet in our living room. Having laminate wood flooring not only adds beauty to your home, but also helps increase the value of it as well. We did this once before and it was one of the selling point of our first house and sold it in just a matter of two weeks.

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