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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dinner at DQ After Karate Lesson

After Jake's Karate lesson today, we decided to eat at DQ (Dairy Queen). Jake and I had kids meal, while Matt has a big burger. We love DQ for their foods are yummy compared to other fast food like McDo, Wendys and Burger King. Their french fries is good, too. We are glad that Jake loves attending his Karate lessons and is always excited to learn. The movie "karate kid" made him even more excited and that helped a lot. He is doing better now when it comes to focus/concentration and discipline. On Saturday, his classmate and friend will go with us to see if he would be interested on joining the team. We are all excited for him.

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  1. Hi sis now lng naka visit, aga ako natulog last night tapos tinatamad sa weekend. Hows everybody goin on? May karate lesson pala si jake, ang busy ni mommy siguro