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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Game Day Feeling

Written by Sonny Quinn

There is a whole lot to be said of the feeling of being part of a group who feels the same way as we do. There is camaraderie at NFL football games that binds a huge group of otherwise disparate people into a group set on having a good time watching their favorite team square of against a rival.

The rival team's fans know they are in for a good-natured ribbing with a few taunts and verbal jabs thrown in. It's just how it works. It's all in fun and the fans know how to take it as well as dish it out. Most fans who attend games have been the givers at the home team's stadium and the receivers when following their team to an away game.

It seems that game day preparations evolve into a ritual that even the most superstitious athlete would find amazing. One fan might have to wear that Jersey that should have been discarded years ago. Another just has to break out the face and body paint. Other fans have to pack their battery-powered TV set for the Instant Replays, while others are sure to bring an FM radio with earphones to hear their favorite local game announcer instead of the stadium announcer's take on the plays.

Beads, feathers, funny pants, hats and shoes are part of getting ready for game day. Most fans probably would be detained by the police if they dressed like they do on game day on any other day. Even when tickets can't be acquired or schedules altered to attend a game, a real fan will stay home in his entire garb and watch professional football on satellite TV from

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