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Thursday, October 7, 2010

FTF: Shrimps and Caldereta

Two of my favorite Filipino foods. When a friend from church celebrated his 50th birthday, these two are the yummiest. I still drool every time I look at them :-).

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  1. love shrimps, too. is that caldereta?

  2. Ces... gosh... the shrimps made me drool.... dropping by..

    Food Trip Friday Here

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  3. Can I have some shrimp please hehehe, sarap naman nyan!

    Spice Up Your Life

  4. I'm not gonna invite you pag ako ang naghanda, kasi aagawan mo ako sa Shrimp! lol!
    Happy Weekend,Ces, and Thanks for joining!

  5. Wow... Pinoy na Pinoy talaga!

    My Food Trip Friday post is now up here:
    Midway Grill - La Union.
    Do drop by if you have the time. Happy weekends!

  6. I love shrimps too but if not for the high uric acid content of this, then I'd definitely want to have every day.

  7. in your place you call that shrimps, i wanna see your prawns. that two are some of my fave

    here's my FTF entry
    here's my Food Friday entry

  8. Ako rin -- dun ako sa shrimps magko-concentrate! Gah, I miss shrimps.

    We Ate This!

  9. Cheers for huge shrimps! Pinapapak ko lang yun minsan, kahit wala ng rice, solved na! ;)

  10. Nay kalami ani tsang, naa pa nahabilin diha pakan a ko bi.

  11. agoy ginoo...ka panilap man sad ta ug tan-aw ana te woi...mau gani ka kay nakatilaw ka...ako ani taman lang sa tan-aw...nyahahaha...sos gutom na nuon ko da...ehehehe!

  12. sarap tingnan nung kaldereta! pinoy na pinoy!