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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cosco Brand Car Seat and Stroller

Oh how I miss the time when I was still holding my baby into my arms dancing and singing lullaby. I wished that I can get pregnant again and have a new baby to care for. Now that my baby is six year old, I can only wish or adopt a new baby which hubby and I planned to. Anyway, one of the fun thing of having a baby is buying stuffs like baby stroller, car seat, clothes, furniture and more. I still can remember going to two baby showers and getting gifts...that was fun! We almost got everything we need from diapers to baby formula. We also got a combo stroller, but no car seat. And so we have to buy one which was on our list anyway.

Since we have Cosco membership card, we decided to buy a car seat there which by the way we still use since Jake is still under 40 lbs. :-). We really like Cosco brand car seat for it served its purpose so well. Now, Cosco has new Baby Travel System and Travel System Stroller, booster car seat, “cosco car seat vase” and many more. I bet many parents go to Cosco for their babies car seats and strollers for these baby products are quality made and are safe.

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