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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spice Makes Everything Nice

Just want to share this article I read from which is very interesting stuffs to be included in your foods storage if you have one. As a member of LDS church, our church leader encourages us to be prepared for emergency by storing foods consumable for at least 1 year. Hubby and I wanted to follow the admonition of our church leader and went ahead and purchased a year supply of foods for three person for one year; now we are secure and no worries when emergency comes. As the saying is better to prepare and prevent, than repent and repair.

You're preparing your family's favorite spaghetti sauce. You've added most of the glorious ingredients. But, you fail to add the delicious Italian seasonings. No big deal right? Wrong! What would your special sauce be without the seasonings? What would apple pie be without the cinnamon? How would your chili taste without the chili powder? You've got it now - you need some spice in your life!

As you gather your various preparedness foods, take stock on which spices and seasoning would help make your food storage items the best they can be. For example, a wonderful can of tomato powder won't quite make that special pizza sauce without some garlic, oregano, and other Italian spices. Think about making a soup from all those freeze dried meats and vegetables you ordered. Don't you think you should have some stock on hand to add flavor to the broth?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then it's time to learn more about all the wonderful seasonings and spices available for food storage. Think about all the possibilities of ground beef if you have the proper seasonings. You can add taco seasoning for a Mexican flair. Add a pinch or two of sloppy joe seasoning for that beefy sandwich your family loves!

Meat isn't the only food that benefits from seasonings. Cinnamon sugar is a staple at our home to top toast or fruit. Onion powder, garlic powder, and chicken stock added to rice make a wonderful side dish. During the holiday season, I like to add cinnamon and allspice to some simmering sliced apples and oranges for the most wonderful potpourri. The possibilities are endless! The great thing about many of these seasonings, is that not only are they wonderful for food storage, but they are helpful for your everyday meal planning, too.

So take a close look at those cans you have stored away. Could some of your foods benefit from a spicy kick? How many different meals can you prepare from one item, with just a quick switch of seasoning? You'll be surprised how much flair and flavor you can add with a dash here or there. As they say, variety is the spice of life, so make sure to store all your favorite spices and a few new ones as well!


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