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Monday, July 12, 2010

Magic Sarap

Have you tried this seasoning before? If so, then you already know that this helps make you cooking taste even better. I started using this when I saw it on soap opera "Only You" starred by Angel Locsin and Sam Milby. Angel was a chef on that tele novela and used the seasoning to make her foods taste better. Anyway, since it is difficult to find it in any Asian market here in Texas, I asked my brtother in the Philippines to send me some which he did. I used it every once in awhile, since I still prefer to cook foods from the scratch. I just think that without seasonings and mixes, foods will still taste better if you use it naturally just like before these stuufs were made.

I still miss my Mom/s cooking though :-( because she never uses seasonings and mixes still.


  1. Havent tried that seasoning yet ces. maka seasoning ra mn ko ug hinatag dhemz or lulu or rose. hehehe Buti ka pa you can still watch pinoy teleserye. laag ko sa inyo ces tan aw ko TV pakapin kaon waaa

  2. hahaha, sige adto ka dire kay mangaon ta, Tsang dayun tan aw ta ug teleserye :-)...hayahay gud ta :-)

  3. sa only you ko rin ito nakilala. buti na lang meron dito sa Filipino store at nakabili ako pero nung naubos di na ko ulit nakabili. tama ka nagpapasarap nga ng luto.

  4. agoy wala man tawon na dire sa among baryo teCes....ehhehehe! ginisa mix lang man ang ako mabira...korek te! mao pod na akong first time nga kita ana nga sa "tayong dalawa" nga teleserye...gamit ni kris aquino pod ni sya...eehhehe!

    agoy wala paman ko ka try ana tawon.

  5. Happen to stumble on your blog(",)! If you're lookin for magic sarap. I saw it in amazon..Heres the link... Happy cooking! (",)