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Monday, July 5, 2010

La Mer

If you feel like going to the beach but isn't possible because you are nowhere near the ocean, just like here in Texas, then these ideas might interest you especially when you have kids to entertain on a hot summer days.

Summer is a time when our minds turn to water, getaways, and beaches. Get into the mood with one of the following oceany date ideas:

Visit the aquarium. The cool temperature and low light of an aquarium will provide a refreshing contrast to the heat and brightness of summer. Look at all the different kinds of fish

Grab some seafood. Take your date out for dinner and enjoy the bounties of the sea. If you live near the ocean, try to find a restaurant near the beach where you can enjoy the salt air while you eat.

Go to a waterpark. Take a dip in the wave pool and imagine you’re at a real beach. Ride all the two-person slides you can and entertain your childish side. Don’t forget to stop by the park’s other amenities (such as an arcade or fair rides area) to keep the fun going.

Take a moonlit walk. This works best for those who live by the ocean, but a nearby lake works nearly as well. Grab some ice cream cones beforehand and walk barefoot while you eat.

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