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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walmart or Target?

I know some people like to shop at Walmart better than Target. But I for one like to shop at either one of them for different reasons. I go to Target if I want to buy inexpensive but, quality and nice looking clothes. I usually go there for my son's clothing for they always have sale/clearance sale, for chicken nuggets and tomato juice (Target brand). On the other hand, Walmart is better when it comes to produce because they are cheaper, and fresher. These corn on cob worth 19 cents each and it is very sweet. And if you like chocolate chip cookies, Walmart brand is the best! We go to Sprouts when it comes to meat and poultry, bread, and produce fresh from farms. Sprouts offers organic and natural foods as well. How about you? Which one you prefer, Target or Walmart?


  1. I like walmart coz they are cheaper but target is more closer to our place kaya target target lng mi. Kalami sa imung maiz tsang, akoon na nang isa hehe

  2. target is far from us... walmart is just but less than 2 miles plus it is open 24 hours so walmart is more convenient for us... but we don't buy meat at walmart!

  3. @Tsang, lika kaon ta ug mais :-); lami kay tam is baya.

    @Lulu, kami sad dili nag palit ug meat sa walmart or kroger...didto sa Sprouts kay dili nila i brine ilang meats.

  4. I shop at both stores ateCes....if I compare prices...mas cheaper ang walmart...ehehehe!

    wala man produce dire sa among walmart nga duol....other walmart nuon naa....kalami aning corn...19cents lang man.