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Thursday, June 3, 2010

FTF: Dinner at Wendy's

We went at Wendy's last week for dinner and these are what we ordered. It's been awhile since our last trip to Wendy's and I was surprised that they now serve Asian Chicken (boneless); it was very yummy and tender.

The chicken and salad are mine...
Hubby's order....
Jake had a cheeseburger and fruit...

Head on to Willa's Kitchen and dig in with us....or join us if you want!


  1. We miss Wendy's a lot! I made some baked potatoes the other day and the hubby was so happy! lol. The chix does look so tender, love your photo!

  2. gusto ko both yang order nyo ni hubby at yong salad mo.yummy!

  3. i loveeee Wendy's! it's my favorite chain...if i won't restrain myself, baka araw-araw Wendy's kakainin ko.:p

  4. Yan ang burger (referring to your hubby's meal)!

    My FTF post is up HERE. Happy weekends!

  5. Asian boneless is what I love to order kapag nag Wendy's kami.Hubby love their Chilis because it was his job to cooked it when he worked at Wendy's :D

  6. ayay! galaway ko sa inyong order te....kami pod dugay nasad me wala naka laag sa Wendy's...ehehehe!

  7. Wendy's!! Uber love their Baked Potato with Chili :)

    I like their Bacon mushroom Melt but then it's kinda disappointing na now coz it shrinked :(

  8. Mmm, burger2x! Yum! I like Wendy's too :)