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Friday, June 25, 2010

I Badly Need GPS

Part of the thing I don't like about moving is trying to familiarize myself with the roads and where they will lead me to. I hate driving where I can easily be lost...and nobody can tell me which way to go. Now, that we are settled, one thing I need to do is go to mapquest for direction since I don't have gps yet I can rely on. I would like to get one, but hubby wouldn't let me. He said it is expensive and sometimes not accurate. I asked him why he said that, he had not even tried it before. His response was: some guys at work told him so. Oh well, you can't really rely on what one or two people said about it, you've got to try it for yourself especially that he hates to ask for direction when we are lost, anyway. What I really like about this particular gps is that you can even apply it on your mobile phone, thus making it easier to drive confidently. Hubby needs to do some research himself about gps before he finally shuts his door on it. One of these days, I would get it whether he likes it or not!


  1. Your husband is right, gps is not always accurate but it is a great help in navigating unfamiliar territories to a certain degree.

  2. GPS is very helpful..we use it all the should get one te kay barato na ang GPS can find 50-100 bucks....:)

  3. i have a blackberry 8310 and i downloaded the blackstar navigation for future geocaching..when i downloaded it complete it asked somthing about my gps do i need my gps to use blackstar?

  4. If you are a back country user or are planning a back county trip you should consider either purchasing or renting a personal locator beacon.