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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ikea's Cinnamon Roll

Here is one of my son's favorite junk food from IKEA :-); can't blame him because this is very yummy. Hubby and I couldn't resist it either. If you haven't try this one yet, you better try it now! You will like it as much as we do :-)! Their Swedish meatball is a big hit to my son, too!

By the way, I call this a junk food because the size itself is good for four person. Just one piece alone has more or less 600 calories! I might even wrong...just can't remember the exact calories this cinnamon roll has.


  1. junk food na kung junk food basta cinnamon roll at mainit na kape solve na solve na ko dyan ,burp!

  2. ayay! galaway ko sa cinnamon roll teCes...dakoa diay kaau ni kay good for 4 peeps man...waaaa....ehhehehe!

  3. I love going to the Ikea ces ky himut tungod sa ilang mga pastries hehe. yay, nag shopping for appliances anfd furniture namu for your new house.

  4. ay pareho pla tau ate ng entry hehe kaso home made sa akin saka first time ko lng gawin yan pero ok nmn ang kinalabasan