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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Security is a Must!

Having experienced burglary years back when I was still single and living overseas gave me phobia. I became paranoid that when I came here in United States, I make sure that our doors, windows and gate are locked even when we are home. My husband assured me that nothing like that will happens here. But I still bugged him to have a home security system be installed into our house. I just want ourselves protected, at peace and safe. There are many crimes happening like burglaries and stuff like that mainly because of poverty and if we want our loved ones safe from harm and danger, home alarm is one sure way to do it. Even if you only live in an apartment, you still need to protect you family; I have seen people have a security system installed into their apartment.

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  1. i like this post, so true...god bless you sis..hows your day?