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Friday, July 10, 2009

Salt Grass Steak at Last!

The other night, finally we made it to the only restaurant we haven't tried yet in Dallas. We always see "Salt Grass Steak" every time we go see my doctor; and every time also, we say to each other that we will eat there someday, and so we did! It is a fancy resto and that is why it is a little bit expensive than Outback Steak and TGI Friday. Jacob ordered Cheese Pizza, Matt ordered a steak with salad and mashed potato for side dish, and I mine is steak K bob with grilled shrimp, baked sweet potato, veggies, and salad. I didn't take pix of their foods because by the time I got the camera, they are already eating. Anyway, here is the photo of my food ;-)!

This looks like a lot, but not really! I didn't finish the sweet potato and Jake has also left over from his personal pizza. I'll say, the foods were good, but not as good as the TGI Friday or Outback Steak, so I don't think we will go back there again!


  1. agoy tulo man lang akong laway dire sa imong pagkaon teCes....wala ni nga resto dire samo pod si Akesha ug hubby ma ulahi ko ug take sa pic kay kaon na...gutom man jud...malimtan ang pic dayon...hehehe!

  2. Minsan pinagsasabihan na ako ng asawa ko dahil sa kaka-pic ng foods namin sa labas kaya foods ko na lang ang pinagkaka-abalahan ko ngayon sa pics(T_T)