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Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Last Dinner Out in Virginia

Before our move to Texas, we decided to eat in one of the famous restaurant in Richmond. And these are what we have eaten. Hubby and I have Steak only his has baked potato and mine has french fries. Our son got Fish Sticks and Fries, and the Shrimp plate was our appetizer :-)! The goods were good and so as the price!


  1. hala ka. lagi tlga ako nagugutom pag napadpad sa blog mo ces! LOL

    kamusta? glad to know matt has work na.. weeeee God is good tlga!!

    how is the lil boy doing??

  2. wow..sarap naman niyan Mommy Ces..musta sa new place niyo?

  3. ay kalami sa steak Te Ces oi.. og shrimps pa jud(my fave)! gutom nko Te Ces.. anyway, I learn to embrace potato salad now too! yehey!

    morag magluto na jud ko og shrimps 'ron te ky kita na pod ko og shrimps-- sge lang ka-postpone akong plan na magluto dali ra mn unta- saonz blogging man lagi.. heheh.. muahhh!

  4. te, as in tulo man jud akong laway pag steak na ang hisgutan...hehehe...kalami sad ani woi...:)am sure busog kaau mo ato nga time...hehehe...mahilig diay si jake ug fish instead of chicken? hehehe...:)

  5. wow ang sarap po naman nyan ...mouthwatering!

  6. I love those shrimp appetizers!!btw,I'd like to invite you on our Food Trip Friday meme so that other FTF's participants can visit you also.Just click on FTF button at my site if you want to join^_^