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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

Be creative on the fill in the blanks !!!


1. Do you have a bucket list?(if you have it posted feel free to post your URL)
If you don't have one, then jot down 5 quick things on a piece of paper that you know you'd want on your list...or imagine some of the things you know you'd put on a Bucket list to be. (potential future list)

I don't have any; I guess I better start one :-).

2. Do you think you have already fulfilled anything on your bucket list or bucket list to be?

Yup, I thi
nk I actually did few of them :-).

3. what are the top 3 things you'd like to do before you leave this world?

See my son get married (LDS temple), serve as a couple missionary with my husband (LDS church), and see my parents enjoying their life/vacation in the U.S.

4. If it would take a lot of money to fulfill one of your wishes on your bucket list, would you try to find the money or just skip that one?

I would start saving money right now just in case :-)

5. fill in the blank -
Life is just a preparatory stage to live with Father in Heaven again someday.
6. fill in the blank - The glass isn't half empty it's
filled with hope and dreams.

7. If you had a chance to be with your MOST favorite entertainer in the whole world before you leave this world, who would that be and how much time would you want to spend with them?

It would be a tour with Sheryl Crowe or Faith Hill or maybe Shania Twain for a week.

8. If you were given the chance to go anywhere in the world before the end comes...where would you go and what would you want to see?

I would go to Italy to see the Pisa Leaning Tower.


  1. great answers :) mine's kinda boring though hehe it's HERE.

  2. Very good answers!! Thanks for joining in!!!!

  3. Great answers. I said Sheryl Crow too.

  4. no. 4 - I second that! Cheers from Bangkok :-)

  5. I've enjoyed your answers. You're not the only one wanting to go to Italy.

    My answers are ::here::

    Have a nice week.

  6. I love your response in that 3 things ces, before leaving the world, yeah me too i wish i could see my parents too here, and see my kids got marriend and have a nice life in the future. You like shania twain and faith hill, I like them too ces, i actually have CDs I left in the PI.

  7. I love your bucket list c: Good thing to know more about you c:

    I want to see my son get married din and I like Shania Twain din c:

  8. I remember the Bucket List the movie with the number 2 question. It is a very good movie starring M. Freeman and J. Nicholson. Anyway,ako kay daghan pa wala natuman sa akoa bucket list.hehehe.

    About sa entertainer, oyy, idol diay nimo si Shania Twain? Sad baya naa iya story .

    Ambot lagi ako, mudayon ba kaha ko tan aw this Saturday or Sunday. Fix rako ugma, sa Hard Rock ra man mag concert ang Air Supply. With in the vicinity sa casino.