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Monday, April 27, 2009

No Insulin for Mommy, Daddy!

I have started using insulin for my diabetes last week. The other night, it was funny because it was the first time Jacob seen Daddy injecting insulin on me. Well, I am still scared doing it myself...that is why Matt is doing it to me. Anyway, back to Jacob, when he saw the tiny needle and Daddy was about to stick it on my arm, he started yelling and screaming like "no, daddy no! don't do that!" while crying. It was funny, he feels for me I think because he knows how it feels like. From then on, we decided not do it when he is present.


  1. I cannot believe that you are taking insulin now. your medicine cannot keep your blood sugar down anymore?? I don't like needles as well...

  2. tita ces ang hirap naman nyan, tuturukan ka para sa insulin...sana maging ok sayo ang lahat para di ka masyadong mahirapan dyan tita ces, ingat

  3. oh my...ako din te...can't believe na nag insulin naka...hope you get better...I mean both of you is wealth.

    everyday mana nga tusok te no? taas na diay imong sugar te? si papa ug kuya nuon nako...wala pa man nuon sila nag insulin...pero both of them na niwang kaayo...parehas man to sila dagko sa una...karon twice nalang ilang lawas.

    About tuod sa layout teCes...oks na ba to? let me know kung naa gusto nya ipa change ha..we can do that anytime...:)

    Ako tuod gamit nga email te is

    Salamat kaayo te ha....let me know kung when niya pa install...:) Sige kay manyapon sa mi...nag laga tuod ko ug baboy...hehehhe...unsa man diay LO ninyo te?

    Dba daghan man ginadili nga food te kung diabetic? Unsa man mga foods na di na makaon nimo te? mahilig raba ka sa steak....hehhehe!