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Monday, April 27, 2009

High Quality Services at Affordable Prices!

In the church (LDS) where we belong, we are counseled to have food storage in our home for emergency purposes. This way we don't have to worry when such time comes. What we do is go to the Bishop Store House where we can purchase food supplies from grains, flour, canned foods, sugar, juices, milk, dried fruits and vegetables and even MRE or meal Ready to Eat. They are very affordable and can be sored for years. I am glad we decided to purchase a one year food supply for three persons. Now we do not have to worry anymore especially now that the economy is not stable yet. We are also glad that we adhere to church leaders counsel. Anyway, When we were at the store house, we saw some equipments in there used in processing foods. There was one time while there that we noticed it was broken and need fixing. The good thing is they contacted Drive This company whose commitment is to provide highest quality systems and services you will never find in the market today. They also sell parts for very low prices. They specialize in new and used reliance electric drives and parts. Whether you are looking for services or parts, DSI can assist you in finding anything you need from servicing your equipment to engineering new systems. So for all your electrical and equipment parts and services, look no more for DSI is here to help. Here are the lists of services they offer in case you are interested: Drive & PLC engineering, Drive troubleshooting and repair, Preventative maintenance programs, On and off-site training, Drives and parts consulting, Application consulting, Documentation, Digital documentation (VDL), and New and used parts inventory. If you only need parts, they have Reliance , Allen-Bradley, GE, and baldor parts. You can call, email or fax them whenever you want their services.

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  1. Thats a good community and its convenient than going to the store to buy what you want.