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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baked Chicken with Lemon and Dill

This dish is one of my husband's favorite. So, I made sure I make it at least once a week or I will be in trouble (just kidding):-)! It is easy to make and we all love it!

I serve it with corn on the cob, lima beans and cole slaw.

If you guys want to recipes for this dish, just don't hesitate to ask me; I would be very willing to share it with you!

Guys, the only thing I did with the chicken was washed it, patted it dry. Then I sprinkled some salt, pepper and dill inside and outside of the chicken. Then, finally put some lemon or lime juice on top of the chicken. And then baked it in a pre heated oven to 350% for 45 minutes. The chicken is done once the juice is clear and the skin is brown just like in the picture. You can use the the juice as a sauce, if you like :-)!

That's it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Bon A Petit!


  1. Hello Cecile! sarap naman ng chicken mo. I love chicken too but when its too much for me, may lumalabas na spots sa arms ko and they are itchy

  2. hi teh, mukhang masarap yan ah.nagutom tuloy ako. nice presentation din ^_^

  3. ay pwede share mo nman yung recipe sa chicken mo hehe di wala ako alam masyado luto sa chicken bukod sa afritada thanks

  4. kakagutom naman. mukhang masarap yung chicken. pwede mo po ba post dito yung recipe?

  5. yum, mukhang ang sarap ah.. kaso lang di naman nakain hubby ko ng dark meat, tapos mga bata, chicken nuggets lang ang gusto, grrr...

  6. unsa manaa white sauce? pasta or salad? sukad bitaw naa ko diri MS, grabe ko mokaon ug rice...naka hurot gud ko 25 pounds nga rice na...hehehe...balik man mi Florida this thursday, road trip napud...mingaw nami didto, adto mi disney hahaha

  7. wow TCes...this is very yummy...kalami sad ani woi..napay nabilin diha?