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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ClubZ! Tutoring, World's Number 1

Summer break is soon at hand. Most of the kids go for a summer vacation, but some has to stay home to improve their grades, learn productive study skills, raise test scores, build academic self-confidence and some to reach their full potential. Whatever their reasons are; Club Z! Tutoring Services is the world's largest tutoring program where kids learn and develop self confidence. Since my son has the difficulty expressing himself, he has to attend a 30 minute speech therapy each week. He can talk clearly, but has a little bit trouble answering why's and who's. He will soon be at Kindergarten and we are worried he might be left behind because of his speech issue. I am sure his therapy will continues since public school has this free program. Anyway, he will be off to school for three months. We will try to help him prepare for that day, by enrolling him to ClubZ! Anyway, if your kids need some tutoring in any subjects including Math; Club Z! Tutoring can help him/her. They have the Math Tutor who is an expert with this subject. Tutoring is done at libraries, community centers and even after school facilities. Their fees are very affordable plus they have 400 franchised locations throughout the world. So, wherever you are, you will always find locations near you.

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