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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jacob's Eight Birthday

It seems like yesterday since I gave birth to a beautiful preemie baby boy. Time flies so fast, my baby  boy is now seven turning eight year old in three this coming July. Not to mention that he would be in third grade this school year. Everyday he becomes more independent and smarter. Before we knew it, he would would feel like he wouldn't need us anymore, and that makes me feel sad thinking of it :-(. So, I better stop thinking about it and just enjoy every minute with him while we still can.

Anyway, talking back on his coming birthday, my husband and I are still torn between celebrating his birthday at home with my in- laws, and family friends, then have his coming baptism at church the next day. Knowing my in-laws, I don't think they'd like the idea of having more people at home. They prefer to make the event a family only celebration. And or, celebrating Jacob's birthday on his exact birth date with just family, and later on with family friends minus my in-laws. It is really hard to decide, but sooner or later we would need to choose between the two. The sooner the better, so we can start sending birthday invitations   to our friends and families and also Jacob's friends at school, church and in the neighborhood. This is going to be a big celebration since he would be baptized at LDS church. We are all excited for his baptism and birthday as well.

One more think to think about is whether I would cook the foods myself, or have it catered. It is very hard for me to do the cooking since I have been doing it every year. Maybe this year, we need to have the foods prepare by a caterer, otherwise I'd be very tired again this year. Oh well, I am sure my husband could really help me on this one.

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