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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Getaway at Disneyland

Once a year my family and I go for a vacation. Sometimes during Spring time and most of the time on summertime. Last year, we decided to see my family in the Philippines where we all had fun! It was a grand reunion for me and them since my husband got to meet my folks and siblings for the first time! We went to Hundred Island, and Dinggalang beach in Aurora province. Knowing my husband love swimming,  my brother took him to a resort in Nueva Ecija which is run by some native people. Anyway, we sure had a blast, swimming and hiking and eating lots of foods. It was the most expensive, but memorable vacation we have ever had as family.
This year, we planned on going to Disneyworld with my brother in-law and his family, but sad to say that it didn't work because we decided to go to Utah to attend our church events, and also visit the national parks there such as The Arches, Bryce, Capitol Reef, and Zion's. Oh man, that was am amazing experienced to see those beautiful parks.
Anyway, next year we already made a plan on going to see the Grand Canyon in Colorado and afterward go to Disneyland in California and then visit my cousins who happened to live in that state. Husband told me to look online for an affordable disneyland tickets for the three of us at If you are planning for a great summer vacation with your family, you should visit the link provided here.

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