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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alarm System Gives Me Peace

Last week was the Spring break at my son's school and so we decided to attend the semi - annual General Conference for the church where we belong. It was a two day event which was Saturday and Sunday. We kind of enjoy the event; it was uplifting, spiritual and motivational, plus we got to see and listen to our church leaders in person. After the event, we still have five more days to spend in Utah. While there, I tried to not worry about being away from home, but I just couldn't. It was hard for me to imagine our home being robbed by some criminal. I just wished we have alarm systems installed, that way I wouldn't worry about it.

Anyway, we are back home now after visiting four national parks in Utah (Bryce, Zion, Capitol Reef and the Arches). We've found our home the same before we left it. It wasn't even damage by the tornado that hit the city next to ours. Our car though that was parked in park 'n fly near the airport had a small damage from the hail, but I am glad it is fixable and the insurance covers it. I wonder it the total alarm system covers the damage at home caused by tornado; oops, wait a minute....the home insurance covers it...I almost forgot it, lol.

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