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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things to Consider When Bringing Meals

At church where we go to, there are at least 9 women that are expecting. We are all excited for the babies to be born! Oh how exciting to see these cute babies at church. Anyway, it is a tradition for us to bring something to the new parents or even sick person who just got out of the hospital. As always, we bring them meals every day till he/she is able to prepare meal herself/himself. In bringing meals, there are some things or guidelines you may consider...and here they are:

-Leftovers are a plus
-Beware of onions, garlic, spiciness, broccoli, beans, and cauliflower, which can create problems for mom and baby.
-Ditch heavy dishware. Jessica Ashley, Shine's Parenting editor, said that casserole dishes were too heavy to pick up with one hand while she was holding her baby. Instead, aluminum pans are light, recyclable, and don't have to be washed.
-Make sure food is packed in easy-to-store containers for zero-effort clean-up.
-Vegetables! Parents say that during those crazy first months they didn't get as many as they needed.
-Don't forget dessert. New parents need chocolate....they craved for a decent dessert, too!

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