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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Different Medium of Advertising

Advertising has been the core or the reason why products and services reach the end user or the target market. Without advertising, how are you going to make a sale? Advertising comes in many forms. It started with the word of mouth. You bake something, you let your friends taste, they loved it, they suggested you put up a baking school or put up your own bakery. More people will love your cake and they tell their friends and before you know it you're putting up another branch.

Another medium of advertising is the radio. A script is formed and radio talents perform and make the listeners imagine that it would be really nice to taste and eat of that delicious cake just by hearing about it. It's played frequently through the day so if you listen to the radio the whole day you can memorize the whole ad in no time. For those who don't want to miss the newspaper and magazine readers as possible customers or clients, print media is the way to go. Depending on one's budget, it can go from a small one-liner to as large as a full centerfold in a broadsheet. Target market can be from those who are reading tabloids to those who are reading broadsheets and magazines. Everyone loves cakes anyway...most do.

Television is another medium, catering more to the couch potatoes and those hooked to entertainment. Since kids are more likely to be hooked on TV, most of the advertising capture the kids who tell their mom they want it. These days, though, who is still watching TV and reading the papers? Though there are still some, a lot have focused on the internet. Even the kids who were hooked on TV are now hooked on the internet. The new media is now the internet but not all can be like That Advertising Agency.

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