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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mychael Margott, CEO of the Window Fashion Pros

Do you know a person who is an expert with fashion windows like Mychael Margott? If so, then good for you! I, on the other hand don't until I read an article about him over the internet. Mychael Margot is a CEO of Window Fashion Pros who is involved in every aspect of window covering and replacement, as well as marketing, company culture, operations management, financing, hiring and firing and so forth. He is a very busy person in the company he works for. Being a skilled delegator, he also has the authorities to do important stuffs such as setting the culture of the company. His responsibilities goes very far, from financing roadshow and other promotional activities for the window fashion pros company. I'll say that the future of the fashion window pros success are in his hands! Want to know more about what he does, check the link included here.


  1. Visit ko diri ces, karon pa intawn naka bisita. wala paka nahuman sa maathon sa v4/ ehhehe

  2. human sa Tsang, kadtong uban gipa GW nako :-); busy man gud ko...way time maghimo ug opps,lol