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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sundials, Focal Point of Gardens

One of my favorite pastime is watch to TV at home. I am really in to detective shows such as CSI, Law and Order, Closer and Monk. One time while I was watching Monk Marathon on TV, there was an episode where Sundials was the answer to solve the crime. It took me awhile to figure that out myself. But of course the crime was solved, It was a very suspense show. Anyway, I love where they put the sundials....they were placed them on a garden and they look very pretty. Sundials are perfect decorations on gardens and patio I think....for they add beauty not only to the garden but also added appeal to the curb/front of the house as well as the yard.

I really like the brass look of the Armillary Sundial . It looks timeless and very beautiful...perfect for the flower garden on my front yard. Adding a decorative item such as this can attract more people; and if you are planning to sell your house...sundials would be a great help on your part! Sundials and Armillary sundials are sold at; and most of them are made from brass, resin sundial, iron sundial, and aluminum sundial. Whether you like traditional brass sundial, or a more contemporary looking aluminum sundial, this online store has it. One more thing is that sundial can stand alone or on base....either way it can be a focal point of your garden.

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