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Friday, March 4, 2011

Comfortable Medical Scrubs

I went out earlier to run some errands and even if I was rushing since it was already late, I had to smile in spite of myself when I saw a bunch of nurses waiting at a transportation stop, probably on their way home since it was after hours already, all clad in cotton medical scrubs and all of them had wide smiles on their faces as though all of the day’s work was not enough to tire them out. Perhaps they didn’t look haggard because they were comfortable in their uniforms while they were working.

Suffice it to say, the evolution of medical uniforms from their former look which mainly consisted of a somewhat tailored white suit and the trademark white nurse’s cap to their present state which consists of colorful scrubs and scrub hats which look like bandannas has definitely changed the way doctors and nurses are viewed. Some people are even so brave to say that they look friendlier now that they are wearing cheap hospital scrubs.

Even surgeons are now wearing cotton surgical scrubs which is a good idea considering that their job is very demanding, not only mentally but physically as well and they need all the comfort they can get while working.


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