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Friday, March 4, 2011

Satellite or Cable TV?

I’m trying to think of the better option between the two once we move back to CDO. We all know how kids can’t survive without TV and it so happens that I have 3 children who love to watch the magic box. They may not even last the day if they can’t watch their favorite cartoons or programs. Besides, watching TV makes them ease off my back for a wee bit. That’s why I’m considering my options and I’m choosing between cable and Satellite TV.

I’m trying to weigh the differences. First up, is their availability or coverage. Cable TV is generally limited to towns and cities, and they typically do not offer service to rural or remote areas while satellite television, on the other hand is more widely available whether you’re in the rural areas or enjoy urban living. Next, I also heard that the satellite television is able to deliver more content and high definition at that because of their large bandwidth.

Since my kids love to watch animation, more content delivered will definitely benefit them the most. Like I said at the onset, I’m in this quandary because of them. However, I think I am more inclined to choose Satellite TV over cable.

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  1. I would recommend going with DISH Network. I work and subscribe with them and enjoy my services a lot! They offer more programming package choices and have the most HD content than any other satellite and cable provider. They have great prices too! Plus if customer satisfaction means anything, DISH has been ranked #1 among all satellite and cable providers in that department! :)