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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pasalubong from Ams!

Who would have thought that through internet I would meet such a simple, smart outgoing and real friend in the person of Amy Nobillos of Florida. Yup, I found a real friend in her. Though we haven't met yet in person I know and I can feel that she is a friend you will keep. We've been friends for more than two years now and yet she hasn't change a bit. I am pretty sure that one of these days we would meet in person and I couldn't wait for that day! Anyway, she went for a month vacation in the Philippines and when she came back, she sent me a package with some of the foods I missed most. Thanks again dear for being so thoughtful and sweet.

The package includes: dried sweet mango, dried fisg (danggit), pili nuts, polvoron (goldilocks) and chocolates :-)!


  1. wow bait ni amy, taga cebu pala si amy tsang, yun ba yung blogger din? well ces you are also nice so you meet equally nice people mapa online or offline mn.