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Thursday, February 17, 2011

FTF: Fried Catfish

Last week, hubby and I was craving for fried catfish. So, after our son's karate lesson we stopped by at a catfish fast food on our way home. T'was our first time in that resto and so we didn't know what to order in the menu. We chose the one with two sides (red beans and coleslaw) and added a corn on the cob. This was like a family dinner. When we got our order, we were so disappointed; it did taste good but the price is ridiculously high!! We paid $20 including 2 bucks tips (which we weren't supposed to give because they didn't really served us)....hubby being a generous man gave them tips. Oh well, for 18 bucks we could have gone to Long John Silver and got more catfish! Oh well, lessons learned and we decided that, that would be our first and last trip at to catfish fast food.

Anyway, this is my share on Food Trip Friday hosted by Willa. Join us by clicking the button below; thanks!


  1. hmmn, these look yummy...the fried catfish looks good.

  2. it does looks yummy but sorry that it wasn't taste like that! happy food trip friday! :)

  3. Fried catfish... I still haven't tasted that. Come to think of it, I cannot recall the last time I ate catfish!

    my Food Trip Friday post

  4. wow looks love to eat...Happy FTF!

  5. Tagal ko ng hindi nakakain ng Catfish, way back in 2002 pa yata at nasa NC pa ako.

  6. I've been to a Long John Silver near where I live but I have never tried their fried catfish yet. I think I will revisit and give it a try.