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Thursday, February 3, 2011

FTF: Biko

Last week I decided to make Biko for the first time. It turned out to be good though the latik didn't turn out the way it should be...but my friends told me that they tasted good. I think I would make some again next week. This cold season is making me and my kitchen busy, and I am always in the mode for cooking!

Without the Latik
then with Latik :-)

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  1. Meron pa ba ate, bigla akong nagcrave ngmalagkit hehehe.

    Spice Up Your Life

  2. ur biko looks great and yummy, do ur boys eat biko?

  3. Yes, me want some biko! :) Ang hirap lang lutuin nito, hirap maghalo kasi.

    my Food Trip Friday post

  4. oh my golly!!Ang sarap ng biko mo,Ate Ces!Ako rin biglang napa-crave sa biko^_^

    Enjoy your weekend,Ate Ces!

  5. Kung di lang ako umiiwas sa carbo...hihingi ako lol

  6. my family's favorite. i learned how to cook biko for it is my father's favorite. yummy biko. happy FTF!

  7. biko, fave namin lahat pati si hubby...miss ko tuloy bigla ang bikong luto ng mama ko, yum! makatry nga na gumawa one of these days! :) happy food trip friday! :)

  8. I say YESSSS to biko, thank you!!!
    And with extra latik, please :)
    Happy FTF, Cecile.

    We Ate This!

  9. ooh biko, i miss you! hehe! Pero totoo ha, parang years na hindi ako nkakain nang biko. :( Ano'ng measurements mo sa biko Te Ces? At niluto mo ba 'yong glutinous rice/pilit at first before mo ni-mix? At pilit ba lahat nilagay mo Te Ces? Sorry sa kakulitan Te Ces pero gusto ko 'yong luto mo, ang ganda! Meron akong pilit dinhi og coconut milk and brown sugar, dli lang ko sure sa measurement sa akong list, gusto ko sa iyo. :) Thanks in advance for sharing Te Ces and for sharing your food trip!

    Thanks by the way for visiting my Food Trip this Friday: Guava

  10. Superb! But I think I will only eat the Latik Toppings, lol!

  11. Bigla tuloy parang gusto kong kumain ng biko :)
    I remember the last time gumawa ako ng biko mukhang hindi biko but the taste was as close as biko na rin :))
    Your biko looks so yummy to me.
    Thanks for the visit

  12. my golly! kalami sa biko...dugay nasad ko wala katilaw ani da.....sensya te nauwahi sa dalaw.