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Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple Braids Anyone?

I braved the weather yesterday morning that after dropping my son off to school, I went grocery shopping. I spent two hours shopping. I don't know why it always takes 2 hours for me to shop. I wasn't doing anything but grab every stuffs we need. Do you have the same experienced, too!

Anyway, I got this apple braids at the pastry section and it was very good....not to sweet, just right!


  1. if you were shopping for groceries only thats not that long anymore esp if you dnt have a list ahhahah :))
    but if you are shopping in a mall like in dept store or shops....i guess 2 hours is short LOL ;))

    Thanks for droppng by sis! YES we will soon in ARKANSAS USA. I guess were far from your place.

  2. mukhang masarap to sa kape Cez...hehe

  3. Jes, once you get here in will know what I mean :-)...and, i/we don't shop without lists...and yet it took us too long to shop!